Von Dutch Book

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    The Jalopy Journal

    If there is one book that goes down as the historical record of the life of Dutch and his work,…

  • testimonials

    Tom Wilkes

    What can I say? I just got through a quick look at your book. The content, style, layout and design…

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    Garage Magazine

    Point is, you really do need this book for the collection. It’s arguably the most ‘no stone unturned’ work to…

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    Auto Afficionado

    A man worth knowing and whom all can now know, at least a bit, through the pages of this book…

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    Classic & Sports Car Magazine

    There have been several books – and rumor has it there’s another coming – on eccentric custom artist and legendary…

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    Thom Taylor

    The Dutch book is a phenomenal effort and truly amazing.

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