LAKICH: For Light. For Love. For Life.

Neon Pioneer’s Glowing Testament to Her Career

LAKICH: For Light. For Love. For Life.


An illuminated manuscript from neon artist Lili Lakich

LAKICH: For Light. For Love. For Life. is our good friend Lili Lakich’s autobiographical visual memoir of her four-decade career as one of the premier artists working in illuminated sculpture. The book also includes essays by public art historian Michael Several, author and critic Ray Zone, and gallery director Louise Lewis who says, “Lakich draws on a boundless universe of inspiration, reassuringly familiar on the one hand, boldly unsettling on the other. Her work appeals to a broad audience, from the Las Vegas nightlife aficionado to the conceptually-oriented artist working in light and space.

“The subject of Lakich’s work is not her medium but her humanity. It is the spiritual quality of neon light that interests her, and she paints with it to illuminate matters of the heart and soul.” -Ray Zone, Art Critic, Artweek

Hardcover, 8.5″ x 12.5″, 160 pages

More than 250 illustrations, 230 in full color

Book design by Lili Lakich

In stock


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